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Grease Fittings & Lubricating Accessories
Grease Fitting Pocket Pro And Master Kit
  • OPENS FROZEN GREASE FITTINGS - Easily opens clogged, blocked or frozen grease fittings.
  • RESTORES OPERATION - Opens stuck grease fittings and opens grease joints to allow new grease to be installed.
  • ELIMINATES REPLACEMENT COSTS - Eliminates fitting replacement and labor costs.
  • REDUCES DOWNTIME - Allows equipment to be serviced quickly and eliminates costly downtime in the field.
  • LOOSENS HARDENED GREASE IN JOINTS - Hardened grease can mean that even replacing the fitting won't solve the problem. The Grease Fitting Pro loosens old grease to allow new grease to enter.
  • BENEFITS - Opens blocked grease fittings. - Cleans & rejuvenates old and dirty grease   fittings. - Loosens dried grease in joints. - Cleans ways and stays in milling machines   and lathes - Lubricates agricultural equipment bearings - Maintains grease fittings and joints.
  • APPLICATIONS - Bearings, Control Arms, Joints, King Pins, Piston Arms, Shafts, Bushings, Trunnion Bushings, Ways & Stays.
  • TOUGH AND DURABLE - Tool steel CNC machined body and steel piston provides long service life.
  • COMPACT SIZE - 5-1/4” (52-1253) or 9" length ( ( 52-1098) and lightweight design fits in hard-to- get-at areas for use anywhere.
  • ACCESSORY HOSE (52-1098 & 52-1253 only) Includes a 5" whip hose for applications where a bend is required to gain access to the fitting.
  • HOW IT WORKS - Remove the piston and fill the tool body with light oil. Turn it upside down and bleed any air out of the tool body by tapping it lightly to allow the air bubble to escape. Place the coupler of the tool over the grease fitting and tap the piston head with a light hammer. When the piston moves into the body the job is done.
  • Made in U.S.A.
Item No.DescriptionOrder
52-1252Grease Fitting Pocket Pro1
52-1253Grease Fitting Pro Master Kit (Includes Original Grease Fitting Pro & Grease Fitting Pro Pocket)1
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