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Fluid Flow
Silicone Caplugs
    Fit in a wide range of port sizes or over a variety of
    tube, bolt or other shaft sizes - protects mating parts
    during service disassembly and seals out dust and
    Provides extreme durability and extended service life.
    Silicone rubber construction resists a wide range
    of automotive and industrial solvents and liquids
    including caustics and acids.
    Can stretch over a bolt 3 times their size and be
    pushed into a port 1/2 their size.
    Just Push-On / Pull-Off.
    High heat resistance allows use in high temperature
    masking and finishing applications.

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Silicone Caplugs
Item No.DescriptionOrder
90-910Mfg. No. 1 A=15/64, B=19/64, C=11/64, D=15/64,E=3/8, F=7/16 Can be used as 1/8 Tube Fitting Plug25
90-911Mfg. No. 2 A=19/64, B= 23/64, C= 15/64, D=19/64. E=3/8, F=1/2 Can be used as 1/8 Tube Fitting Cap, 3/16 Tube Fitting Plug25
90-912Mfg. No. 3 A=23/64, B= 27/64, C= 19/64, D=23/64,E=3/8, F=9/16 Can be used as 1/4 Tube Fitting Plug25
90-913Mfg. No. 4 A=27/64, B=31/64, C=23/64, D=27/64, E=3/8, F=5/8 Can be used as 5/16 Tube Fitting Plug, 1/8 NPT Pipe Thrd. Cap, 1/4 NPT Pipe Thrd. Plug.25
90-914Mfg. No.5 A=15/32, B=35/64, C=13/32, D=15/32, E=7/16, F=11/16 Can be used as 5/16 Tube Fitting Cap, 3/8 Tube Fitting Plug25
90-915Mfg. No. 6 A=17/32, B=39/64, C=15/32, D=17/32, E=7/16, F=3/4 Can be used as 3/8 Tube Fitting Plug,1/4 NPT Pipe Thrd. Cap25
90-916Mfg. No. 7 A=37/64, B=43/64, C=33/64. D=39/64, E=1/2 F=13/16 Can be used as 3/8 Tube Fitting Cap25
90-917Mfg. No. 8 A=41/64, B=23/32,C=37/64, D=11/16,E=1/2, F=7/8 Can be used as 1/ Tube Fitting Plug25
90-918Mfg. No. 9 A=11/16, B=25/32, C=5/8, D=23/32, E=9/16, F=15/16 Can be used as 1/2 NPT Pipe Thrd. Plug25
90-919Mfg. No. 10 A=3/4, B=27/32, C=11/16, D=25/32, E=5/8, F=1" Can be used as 5/8 Tube Fitting Plug25
90-920Mfg. No. 11 A=51/64, B=29/32, C=3/4, D=27/32, E=5/8, F=1-1/16 Can be used as 1/2 NPT Pipe Thrd. Cap25
90-921Mfg. No. 12 A=7/8, B=63/64, C=51/64, D=59/64, E=5/8, F=1-1/825
90-922Mfg. No. 13 A=31/32, B=1-3/32, C=29/32, D=1-1/32, E=3/4, F=1-1/410
90-923Mfg. No. 14 A=1-3/32, B=1-7/32, C=1-1/32, D=1-5/32,E=3/4, F=1-3/8 Can be use as 1" NPT Pipe thrd. Plug10
90-924Mfg. No. 15 A=1-7/32, B=1-23/64, C=1-5/32, D=1-7/32, E=3/4, F=1-1/210
90-925Mfg. No. 16 A=1-5/16 ,B=1-15/32 ,C=1-1/4 ,D=1-13/32, E=7/8, F=1-5/810
90-926Mfg. No. 17 A=1-29/64, B=1-19/32,C=1-25/64,D=1-17/32,E=7/8,F=1-3/410
90-927Mfg. No. 18 A=1-9/16, B= 1-11/16, C=1-1/2, D=1-5/8, E=3/4, F=1-7/8 Can be used as 1-1/4 Tube Fitting Cap,1-1/4 NPT Pipe Thrd. Cap10
90-928Mfg. No. 19 A=1-3/4, B=1-7/8,C=1-11/16,D=1-13/16,E=3/4, F=2" Can be used as 1-1/2 Tube Fitting Plug10
90-929Mfg. No. 20 A=1-25/32, B=1-31/32, C=1-23/32, D=1-7/8, E=1", F=2-1/8 Can be used as 1-1/2 Tube Fitting Cap,1-1/2 NPT Pipe Thrd. Plug5
90-930Mfg. No. 21 A=1-27/32, B=2", C=1-25/32, D=1-15/16, E=1", F=2-1/8"5
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Item No.DescriptionOrder
40-589-9Silicone Cap Plug Assortment1
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