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#271 High Strength Threadlocker
• LOCTITE 271 - Red Threadlocker.
• High strength formula provides 160 ft. lbs. locking
  force on a 3/8-16 oily fastener.
• For locking all fasteners up thru 1" diameter where
  severe vibration and shock is encountered. Also provides
  a tamperproof seal where a difficult removal is desired.
• Ideal for threaded and press fi t assemblies - adds up to
  3000 P.S.I. shear strength for superior hold.
• Temperature range: -65°F to 300°F.
• Applications include: cylinder block studs, ring gear bolts,
  truck transmission nuts, vibrating equipment fasteners,  
  frame bolts, shock bolts, plow blade bolts, automotive
  suspension bolts. 

Material Safety Data Sheet(s):

   80-365,  80-369
Item No.DescriptionOrder
80-36510 ml Bottle1
80-36950 ml Bottle1
* Order in multiples of the package quantity.
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