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Acry-Maxx Multi-Purpose Solvent
  • COMPARABLE TO ACRYSOL - High purity multi-purpose solvent.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE FORMULA - Removes adhesives, sealants, waxes and other contaminants.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE SOLVENT - Dissolves grease, oil, tar, resins and other compounds.
  • PREPARATION SOLVENT - An ideal multi-purpose solvent for use on metallic and non-metallic surfaces prior to painting, bonding or other applications.
  • FAST-ACTING - Dries quickly to eliminate the excessive waiting common with many solvent degreasers.
  • SAFE ON MOST SURFACES - Safe on most painted surfaces, rubber, and most plastics.
  • SAFE ON MOST FABRICS - Leaves no oily film and is nonstaining.
  • Note: 80-1557 Acry-Maxx Aerosol is not available for shipment into the state of California.

Material Safety Data Sheet(s):

   80-1557,  80-1558
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80-1557Aerosol 20 Oz - 13 Oz Fill1
* Order in multiples of the package quantity.
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