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Ideal Lotion Hand Cleaner
  • Institutional hand cleaner works fast, effectively, and is gentle to the skin.
  • Excellent hand cleaner for individuals who require repeated hand washings.
  • Ideal for offices, schools, institutions, hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals and other areas not requiring heavy duty hand cleaners.
  • Provides a powerful, yet mild lather than rinses clean.
  • Formula contains aloe vera, and is pH balanced to prevent chapping of the skin.
  • Contains no harsh solvents.
  • Pink lotion formula has a light cherry-almond scent.
  • Kimball Midwest Certified, Rated E4 for Food Processing Facilities.

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80-737Ideal Lotion Hand Cleaner, 1 Gallon Container1
80-738Ideal Lotion Dispenser1
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