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Inter-Lube Delayed Viscosity Penetrating Grease
  • Sprays out as a thin, clear fluid with high surface penetration.
  • Rapidly sets up into a clean, colorless grease-like lubricant.
  • A unique combination of natural and synthetic lubricating agents provide a transparent, high pressure lubricant.
  • High adhesive strength assures that the lubricant remains on the surfaces where it is needed - resists throw-off, vibration & impact.
  • Resists water wash-out and helps prevent rust and corrosion on metal parts.
  • Provides full lubricity from -30° to +530°F.
  • Ideal for door hinges, garage door tracks, open gears, wire ropes and cables, chain and sprockets.
  • Kimball Midwest Certified, Rated H2 for Food Processing Facilities.

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80-925Inter-Lube Pentrating Grease, 20 Oz. - 13 Oz. Net Wt.1
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