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Special Purpose Products
Zinc Galvanizing System - Galvco
  • One part cold galvanizing formula provides the cathodic protection equal to hot dip galvanizing.
  • Provides maximum corrosion protection. Meets the performance requirements of Mil-Spec P46105MR and ASTM D-520 Type 2.
  • Superior durability resists the caustic action of salt and outdoor exposure for lasting protection.
  • Prevents rust, rust creepage and spread on all metal surfaces.
  • Resists impact that would chip and damage paint coatings.
  • May be topcoated with paint.
  • Ideal for sheet metal, structural steel, pipe, storage tanks, fencing, chemical plants, trailers, HVAC equipment and ducts, marine equipment and metal roofs.

Material Safety Data Sheet(s):

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80-720Galvco Zinc Galvanizing System, 16 Oz. - 12-3/4 Oz. Net Wt.1
* Order in multiples of the package quantity.
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