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Deodorant, Air Freshener
Senze - Automatic Odor Neutralization System
  • Advanced Microsenze Odor Neutralizer
    Malodor molecules are large & complex. MicroSenze locks onto malodor molecules, transforming them into a neutral base - all you smell is the light, clean scent.
  • Pump Spray System
    Non-aerosol bottles provide an outstandingly effective alternative to aerosols - no CFC’s, no propellants - an environmentally safer system.
  • Dry Spray Formula
    Eliminates liquid “fall-out” and disperses odor neutralizers faster and more effectively.
  • Unique Pump Actuator
    Creates an exceptionally effective and long lasting odor neutralizing solution.
  • 3000 Metered Sprays Per Bottle
    8 fluid ounce pump bottles provide long lasting odor control.
  • Clean Fresh Scents
    Reinforce the cleanliness of the restroom, creating a professional atmosphere.
  • Doesn't Just Cover Up Malodors
    Traditional air fresheners only camouflage odors. MicroSenze has been engineered to do the complete job, eliminating malodors completely.
  • Large Volume Capacity
    One dispenser controls odors in areas up to 6,000 to 8,000 cubic feet
  • Made in the USA

Material Safety Data Sheet(s):

   80-3401,  80-3402,  80-3403
Item No.DescriptionOrder
80-3401Ocean Tide, 8 Fluid Oz. Pump12
80-3402Senze Mountain Air 8 oz. Pump12
80-3403Purity, 8 Fluid Oz. Pump12
* Order in multiples of the package quantity.
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