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Air Brake Tubing
Plastic Tubing - NT100 "Nylon 11"
  • Developed specifically for air brake applications. Can be used in a wide range of instrumentation and secondary air systems.
  • Meets all requirements of SAE J844, Type A & B and DOT FMVSS 571.106. 1/8" O.D. size does not meet DOT standards. Offers good resistance to butane, coal, gas, gasoline, kerosene, methane, oxygen, propane and turpentine.
  • Type A: Available in 1/8", 1/4" and 5/16" sizes only - not reinforced.
  • Type B: Available in 3/8" and larger sizes only - reinforced.
  • Available Colors: Black(BK), Red(RD), Blue(BU), Green(GN), Yellow(YW), Orange(OR). Refer to current price list for available colors.
  • Temperature Range: -40°F to +200°F
  • Construction: Core: Nylon Braid: Polyamide Fiber (3/8" and larger sizes only) Jacket: Nylon
  • Fittings: KIMBALL-MIDWEST 1400 SERIES AIR BRAKE FITTINGS. For 1/8" NT10002 tubing use SELFALIGN® fittings. For 5/32" NT100025 use 280 or 1860 series fittings. For 5/16" NT10005 use SELFALIGN® or 160 or 1600 series fittings or with 2030x5 insert.
  • Contains: Ultra-Violet Stabilizer in all colors.
  • CAUTION: Tubing is attacked by battery acid.

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Item No.DescriptionOrder
NT10002O.D. 1/8 Color BLACK100
NT10002BUO.D. 1/8 Color BLUE100
NT10002GNO.D. 1/8 Color GREEN100
NT10002RDO.D. 1/8 Color RED100
NT100025O.D. 5/32 Color BLACK100
NT100025BUO.D. 5/32 Color BLUE100
NT100025GNO.D. 5/32 Color GREEN100
NT100025RDO.D. 5/32 Color RED100
NT10003O.D. 3/16 Color BLACK100
NT10003GNO.D. 3/16 Color GREEN100
NT10003BUO.D. 3/16 Color BLUE100
NT10003RDO.D. 3/16 Color RED100
NT10004O.D. 1/4 Color BLACK100
NT10004BUO.D. 1/4 Color BLUE100
NT10004GNO.D. 1/4 Color GREEN100
NT10004ORO.D. 1/4 Color ORANGE100
NT10004RDO.D. 1/4 Color RED100
NT10004YWO.D. 1/4 Color YELLOW100
NT10005O.D. 5/16 Color BLACK100
NT10006O.D. 3/8 Color BLACK100
NT10006BUO.D. 3/8 Color BLUE100
NT10006BU5O.D. 3/8 Color BLUE500
NT10006GNO.D. 3/8 Color GREEN100
NT10006ORO.D. 3/8 Color ORANGE100
NT10006RDO.D. 3/8 Color RED100
NT10006RD5O.D. 3/8 Color RED500
NT10006YWO.D. 3/8 Color YELLOW100
NT10008O.D. 1/2 Color BLACK100
NT10008BUO.D. 1/2 Color BLUE100
NT10008GNO.D. 1/2 Color GREEN100
NT10008ORO.D. 1/2 Color ORANGE100
NT10008RDO.D. 1/2 Color RED100
NT10008YWO.D. 1/2 Color YELLOW100
NT10010O.D. 5/8 Color BLACK100
NT10012O.D. 3/4 Color BLACK100
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