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High Performance Wood-To-Metal Screws
  • Self-Drilling Design - Eliminates pre-drilling for the fastest and easiest attachment of wood to steel.
  • Wood-to-Metal
    • Plywood floorboard to steel frames.
    • Plywood roof-board to steel frames.
    • 2x4 headers to steel frames.
    • Plywood fascia to steel frames.
    • Wood mansard roofing to steel frames.
  • Non-Walking Drill Point - Improves drilling performance while requiring less effort.
  • Reamer Wing Design - Special “reamer wings” behind the point enlarge the hole in wood to prevent thread engagement during drilling, then shear off on contact with metal to allow full thread engagement for maximum strength.
  • Gray Spex Finish - High performance epoxy based organic polymer finish on top of iron phosphate provides maximum corrosion protection in harsh environments. Ideal for use in ACQ pressure treated wood and other harsh applications.
  • Lower Tapping Torque - The lubricity of Gray Spex allows faster, easier installation with lower torque.
  • Made in the USA.
Item No.DescriptionOrder
44-421812-24x2-1/4 - Drill Point #4 - Drill & Tap Capacity .125-.250 - Wood Attachment Range 3/4"-1-3/8"50
44-422212-24x2-3/4 - Drill Point #4 - Drill & Tap Capacity .125-.250 - Wood Attachment Range 3/4"-1-3/8"50
44-42241/4-20x3" - Drill Point #4 - Drill & Tap Range .125-.250 - Wood Attachment Range 3/4"-2"25
* Order in multiples of the package quantity.
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