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Quick-Pipe - Rapid Repair Kits For Pipe
  • PERMANENT PIPE REPAIR Repairs cracked or broken pipes, leaking joints and corrosion damaged piping.
  • FAST & EASY Makes permanent repairs in just minutes without having to remove pipes or fittings and can be applied to wet surfaces.
  • ELIMINATES COSTLY DOWNTIME Quick Pipe repairs set rock solid in minutes to eliminate costly equipment downtime.
  • KIM-GLASS WATER ACTIVATED TAPE High performance Kim-Glass water activated urethane filled fiberglass tape makes strong, permanent repairs.
  • CONFORMS TO IRREGULAR SHAPES Makes repairs around fittings and valves.
  • REPAIRS MOST TYPES OF PIPE Copper, steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, PVC, FRP, clay, concrete, rubber and more.
  • FULL OPERATING PRESSURE IN 30 MINUTES At 75°F normal operating pressure can be resumed in as little as 30 minutes (may require longer times at lower temperatures). Repairs can be sanded and painted after curing.
  • EXCELLENT CHEMICAL RESISTANCE Resists gasoline, oil, alcohol, water, high and low concentration mineral acids (except nitric) and high and low concentration caustics.
  • RESISTS HIGH & LOW TEMPERATURES Continuous operating temperatures from -50°F to 300°F (500°F intermittent).
  • STRONG, RELIABLE REPAIRS Can actually make the repaired area stronger than the original pipe.
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