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Kimball Midwest: Product Catalog
Inverted Marking Paints
  • Inverted tip design gives covenient upside-down spraying.
  • Water base formula is safe for use on grass. It is not soluble in water after drying and will not wash away.
  • Bright vivid colors give fast identification and marking, even when used on porous surfaces like gravel and dirt.
  • Non-clogging chemistry requires less shaking to mix the paint.
  • OSHA approved colors.
  • Kimball Midwest Certified, Rated R2 for Food Processing Facilities.

Material Safety Data Sheet(s):

   80-860,  80-593,  80-861,  80-592,  80-862,  
   80-863,  80-864,  80-865,  80-339

USDA Food Safety Notice(s):

   80-860,  80-593,  80-861,  80-592,  80-863,  
   80-864,  80-865

16 Oz. Can
Item No.DescriptionOrder
80-860Fluorescent Orange1
80-593Fluorescent Pink1
80-861Fluorescent Red1
80-863Hi Visibility Yellow1
80-864Precaution Blue1
80-865Safety Green1
80-867Marking Stick Applicator1
* Order in multiples of the package quantity.
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